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According to Bavarian custom, the sausages cannot be eaten after 12 noon, because no preservatives are used and they are made fresh every day.

Therefore those who wish to wash their sausages down with a beer must get supping before that time. The local saying is that the sausages must not be allowed to hear the church bells chime noon.

Why is Barack Obama drinking beer at 11am?

Mr Obama drank his beer to the sound of traditional Alpenhorns with an audience of locals, most whom wore traditional lederhosen and dirndls. Terms and Conditions.

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Marine Has Beer With Obama

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Weirdly, the beer ends up in the Hockey Hall of Fame , where it is sure to confuse tourists for years to come.

  1. Why is Barack Obama drinking beer at 11am? - Telegraph;
  2. Marine Has Beer With Obama.
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  5. Discovering the political power of Yuengling: Campaigning in Pennsylvania in , Obama gets caught not knowing about Yuengling , the quintessential Pennsylvania beer. Two years later Obama makes up for it by including a case of Yuengling in the aforementioned hockey bet with Canada, with Yuengling described in the media as Obama's favorite beer.

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    It's probably a coincidence that it happens to be brewed in a crucial swing state. Homebrewer-in-chief: In , the Obama White House became the first ever to brew its own beer.

    source site This move shored up support among the powerful homebrewer's voting bloc. History sticklers: George Washington brewed his own beer , but not in the White House.

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    Henry Louis Gates and the police officer that arrested him, Sgt. James Crowley.

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