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The Little Red Schoolbook. Soren Hansen. Your review has been submitted successfully. Ben gets his bullet wound treated by Dumbo who applies some fresh dressing on it. He thanks Ringer for coming back to save them though he says that they shouldn't have taken the risk. Ringer rebukes him and says that Ben went for Nugget because he believed that they couldn't start thinking that one person wasn't worth saving because then the Others would truly win. He accepted her answer before went over to sit with Cassie and Sam.

He thanks Cassie for helping him back at the base while she thanks him for saving her and getting her to the humvee. He then gives Cassie a small kiss to the cheek as he embraces both her and Sam as they watch the sunrise together.


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Squad 53 has gone to regroup at a hotel that is roughly four miles from where Camp Haven had stood which they had gone on to call the Walker Hotel. Cassie had explained that Evan had told her to meet there after Camp Haven was destroyed though Ben is skeptical that Evan will return. Even more so that Evan is truly on their side. However, Ben has also seen fit to point out that they can't stay there for long as it isn't a good enough shelter from the cold and there aren't enough supplies to hold them out for the coming winter.

Ringer volunteered to check out the nearby cave systems for shelter, as well as for survivors, to help them fight against the 5th Wave. Ben noticed that Teacup had vanished and guessed that she had gone after Ringer so he sent Poundcake to try and bring her back. Noticed by a good many of the others Ben is also not doing too well as he is still suffering from the bullet wound that he had Ringer give him.

Cassie guesses that it might be infected but Ben shrugs it off and insists that he is okay enough. Tensions increase when the sound of choppers begin to get heard close by.

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Soon enough, the hotel gets invaded and Ben gets attacked and knocked away by an intruder. Cassie shoots him and reveals that it is Evan Walker, badly wounded but alive.

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Dumbo checks him out and guesses that he would be bedridden for about a month. Ben is livid when Cassie insists that they keep Evan with them. He accuses the silencer of possibly attacking Ringer and Teacup as he guessed he might have run into them which Cassie denies that Evan did, even though he had attacked them. She easily counters that Poundcake could be a silencer as he has returned without Teacup and never speaks which Ben argues is ridiculous. The hotel soon gets another visitor, a girl named Megan. Sam recognizes her from the buses from when he first arrived at Camp Haven.

She is passed out and Ben tries to revive her but Evan comes to and warns them not to. He reveals that Megan has an explosive chip implanted in her throat. Ben argues that killing her might be the safest way to defuse the bomb but Cassie argues to try and take it out while Megan is alive. Ben goes to kill her but can't bring himself to do so and concedes to letting Evan try to remove it. He takes Sam and the others to the diner across the street for safety while Cassie and Evan stay behind to remove the bomb. He and Cassie share some words and even a kiss before they leave. Cassie returns to them with the news that they removed the bomb and Megan is still okay.

Evan reveals that Vosch has sent the silent bomber as a test to see if there was a silencer among them which Sam points out there is, Evan. He says that it was done because only a silencer would know how to keep the bomb from exploding. They plan to rig the bomb to blow to help throw off Vosch and buy them time to escape and move to get back to Ringer. However, the hotel is attacked by Grace , a silencer that Evan knows personally.

Ben and Poundcake had gone to the diner to find a soda dispenser to use to rig the bomb when they felt that everything had been too quiet. They both quickly returned to help their friends confront Grace. The Squad drives her off but a chopper soon descends on the roof of the hotel and Poundcake gets hurt in the fight. Grace had shot him and Ben watches as his friend starts to bleed out in silence. Evan gives them directions to Grace's safe house where there are supplies and shelter for them to use. He tells them all to go and that he would stay and rig the bomb himself.

Ben carries Poundcake out of the hotel but Dumbo regretfully tells him that he is as good as gone. Ben was already suffering from his own wound and he wouldn't be able to carry Poundcake and himself away in time before the bomb blew so he was forced to leave him at the ground in front of the hotel. Ben and his squad watch as the hotel blows up in a brilliant flash of green light with Evan, Grace and the chopper of silencers still inside.

Ben spent some time off by himself when the squad regrouped to quietly mourn the loss of Poundcake.

The silence was broken when Evan Walker emerged from the brush towards them, broken but alive. After Camp Haven falls, Ben begins to befriend and even rely on Cassie. He finds that he can open up about his personal feelings to her and they can talk, even argue, about almost anything. She appears to be the only person that he had confided the true story of what had happened with his sister Sissy to.

He has also started to grow physically affectionate towards her and has even been the one to initiate every one of their kisses. It seems as if he feels for her as more than a friend. When Ben was getting ready to leave for his mission to get Ringer and Teacup, Cassie tried to reason with him against doing this on that he was projected his need to 'go back'. She told him that he was using his sister for when he went back for her brother and again here to which he cringed at.

He returned this reasoning when Cassie wanted to go and try and save Evan when he was taken by Vosch's soldiers. He told her that she couldn't risk everything, including her brother, all for a guy. But he didn't listen to her and neither did she.

the ringer an extraterrestrial proving ground Manual

The last time they ever speak, Cassie makes Ben promise to take care of her brother and he said he would protect him with his life. She then kisses him on the cheek and told him that he should do it with his death. A year after Cassie dies, Ben sometimes dwells on what Cassie really died for when there are moments of human brutality like when people are still holding guns up at one another. Ben keeps to his promise to Cassie and watches over her brother and tries to get him to be less aggressive though it is a slow progress.

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When Sam couldn't sleep as he misses his sister, Ben takes him to see the stars and fondly tells him the story of Cassiopeia. Sam has become somewhat of a little brother to Ben. It helps that he is the same age as his little sister. It takes a lot of time to feel comfortable with entities you can't see. In the end it is idiosyncrasies and personality traits which are most helpful in differentiating between each entity.

For that reason I don't recommend telepathy. It's simply too dangerous. Deceptive contacts can easily harm you. My friends are interested in plants, animals, cleanliness, television, a wide variety of music, good manners, good social conduct, laundry and a well deserved respect for all women.

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