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Still, both actors play the situation entirely straight, opposed to the over-the-top performances seen in sketch comedy at the time. It was a complete revelation and seminal to the evolution of the form. Their act was a tremendous influence on Monty Python and Peter Sellers. It was so seminal to Lorne Michaels that not only did he have Dudley and Cook host an episode of Saturday Night Live in its first season, he had them reprise the sketch.

When Yossarian pleads insanity, he learns about the dastardly, no-win principle known as Catch Only mentally unstable men would fly missions capable of harming themselves and others, but anyone who pleads insanity in hopes of avoiding these duties is clearly sane. Either way, mad or mentally sound, a soldier must obey. The book is considered one of the greatest literary works of the 20th century and spoke directly to political satirists of every stripe.

For its first few years, the potential of the young format of the comedy LP long-playing record was still largely unexplored. Most albums being released were merely recordings of comedians performing their routines before live nightclub audiences.

100 More Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy

He produced a lavish musical-comedy extravaganza for the ear that was a satirical journey through American history. It is as weird as it sounds.

You would think Kovacs was ahead of his time, but this bit was a sensation. Prior to the early s, superheroes were, for the most part, unrelatable dullards. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America were wholly exempt from the concerns of workaday human beings, opting to shout dull platitudes about justice before returning to their pristine lairs for peaceful contemplation of future world-saving. If money were ever mentioned, it was certainly never an issue for these do-gooders.

After all, crime-stopping is an unpaid enterprise, and the kid needs to take care of his elderly aunt and put food on her table, for chrissakes. Pop stars had made quips onstage before, and some, like the Rat Pack, had full routines worked into their performances.

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The Misadventures of Jake! The Blue Streak: The Blue Streak

The Beatles, who quickly garnered Marx Brothers comparisons, were different. Before performing their closer, John Lennon made the most out of the situation and uttered the immortal words above. Just as notable as the joke was the way it was delivered, with John almost ducking out of the way after delivering it, giving a sheepish thumbs-up to the camera and a smile to his bandmates. This is actually the single joke the entire episode had been building toward for 20 minutes.

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Rob and Laura have just brought home their newborn baby, Richie. Rob, through a few moments of miscommunication, convinces himself that they have brought home the baby of the Peters, the couple in the room next door. That is until they step into the room and the audience sees that they are a black couple.

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This ability to execute an episode-length joke that is so specifically rooted in character and is also socially conscious highlights the level of quality and sophistication The Dick Van Dyke Show brought to the sitcom genre at the time. We take for granted now that a sitcom can be an auteur-driven, high-brow piece of art, but before Carl Reiner introduced the Petries to America it was mostly seen as discardable, lighter fare. The Dick Van Dyke Show was a seismic step forward. Think for yourself.

Published in Issue No. Readers wrote letters into the magazine with pictures of their teams. One stated they were undefeated champs due to their being the only team in Western Canada. What started as silly illustrations captioned with non sequitur regulations turned into a subversive achievement. It is Mad at the height of its powers: absurd, dumb, silly, ridiculous. Joan Rivers picked up the self-deprecating torch, but did so as an attractive, thin, and well-put-together lady. A bawdy, no-nonsense broad who thrived in nightclubs as much as she did in her many Ed Sullivan Show appearances, Fields paved the way for women like Roseanne Barr, Lisa Lampanelli, and Melissa McCarthy.

Neil Simon began his career as a television writer for Sid Caesar and went on to become the most lauded and prolific comedy playwright and screenwriter of his generation. After his first Broadway plays Come Blow Your Horn and Barefoot in the Park opened to great acclaim, Simon hit the mother lode with the definitive buddy comedy about two roommates.

One is a fastidious neat freak. The other is a slob. The film was also a huge success, leading to the ongoing adventures of Felix and Oscar in the hit TV-series adaptation starring Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Three inspired incarnations of a simple but brilliant idea that could be boiled down to this one rant.

Creating a deeper version of the classic duo, Simon created a template that has continuously been used in TV and movies ever since. When the brothers wanted to parody U.

Muzzin played key role in Stanley Cup run

When Paulsen was older, he expressed some guilt about the false campaign, noting that he took votes from Hubert Humphrey in his close race against Richard Nixon. The fact that he got votes demonstrates the power of comedians playing politics. In his brief appearance, Nixon manages to turn toward the camera and say the Laugh-In catchphrase, but not without making it into an awkward, labored question.

It encouraged politicians to be entertainers and comedians to sometimes make comedy with the people they are usually making comedy about. American-Jewish shtick and American-Jewish literature had mixed with each other for decades, but has there ever been a higher-achieving mix? The Oxford- and Cambridge-educated six-member comedy troupe stood on the shoulders of fellow British comedy collectives the Goons and Beyond the Fringe to become the first and most significant act to cross over to mainstream American consciousness.

The sketch masterfully balances its surreal, dark, absurd premise by establishing fully realized characters with a clear conflict. As a result, it has gone on to be a Rosetta Stone for modern sketch writing, endlessly studied and rewatched by each new generation of comedians. Its influence was quickly felt on the early years of Saturday Night Live , as well as just about every other sketch show since. Bob Odenkirk has stated that Mr. It was a spectacular example of the theory that if you offer such a whopper that the source cannot even acknowledge it with a denial, it will stand unchallenged.

Radicals and conspiracy theorists, from Infowars to the Sandy Hook Truthers to the birther movement, have learned that lesson very well. No way, niggers is fun. Niggers is good! Geraldine was a brassy woman who, to use the parlance of the time, was liberated. She was always confident and always ready to speak her mind. Geraldine became a sensation and a fixture of the series, with Wilson dressing in drag and usually seducing a famous male guest.

In both his tremendous success and the richness of his characters, Wilson set the table for the black sitcom boom that would come a few years later.

The release of films such as The Graduate , Easy Rider , and Five Easy Pieces exemplified how the counterculture of the late s and early s crept into cinema comedy. Before meeting Maude at the funeral of a man neither of them knew, Harold is seen stone-facedly pranking everyone he encounters with ingenious staged fake suicide attempts. But in Maude he meets his match who, in her joie de vivre, unrepentantly steals multiple cars, laughing in the face of propriety and authority.


Yes to all of the above. Bea Arthur became the Joan of Arc of middle-aged women when Maude was spun off from All in the Family , with her lefty politics attracting a range of TV watchers during an era of widespread Vietnam protests. When this episode aired, Maude was not officially the first TV character to have an abortion a non-lead on the soap Another World was the first, in , but never had such a prominent character had one and never had a show captured the procedure with such humanity.

And that means jokes like this one. Yes, the two-part episode addressed the issue with the severity it deserves, but it also treated it with enough humor to both make it feel genuine and to get its point across. This joke was his closer and it got huge laughs, just like the rest of the set. He was only This was his big break.