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Morgan is an award-winning author; columnist for the national magazine Fresh LifeStyle, and a member of the Poetry Society of America and Artists for Peace. The only way to achieve peace is to become peace. Some of her other interests includes a deep love for animals and the environment. She is passionate about music and theatre; is frequently heard laughing; and finds the mysteries of ancient times, spirituality, and the possibilities of life elsewhere in the cosmos intriguing.

Morgan believes in the power of love, hope and forgiveness, all of which is reflected in her lyrically elegant writing style.

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Is it possible to draw attention to the plight of child soldiers by writing an Epic Young Adult Fantasy? Can Fiction create any measure of Positive Change? This is precisely what I did with Dark Fey, my Epic YA Fantasy Trilogy that not only relates an entertaining story of magic and mystery, but touches on realities in our own world. Dark Fey The Reviled begins gently enough. He has lived through the horrors of abduction, abuse, neglect and has been forced to commit terrible acts of violence.

His life mirrors those of child soldiers who face very similar atrocities, not in the pages of a fictional story, but in the reality they must bear each day. Dark Fey Standing in Shadows focuses more greatly on the growing friendships between characters and how those relationships build bonds strong enough to face previously unthinkable possibilities, but, as in real life, strong relationships are built upon foundations that have been tested. The story invites the reader to experience how disagreements are the doorway to understanding, and how trials that challenge can motivate decisions to create Positive Change.

It also begins to reveal the ugly truth behind the accepted norm. Expressed through scenes that left me crying after I wrote them, readers start to understand what The Reviled our child soldiers have suffered and continue to endure. Would we willingly risk our lives for someone without experiencing some measure of their pain, despair, or anger? Like any good fantasy, this final saga of the trilogy sets the stage with dramatic events that test boundaries and push characters to their limits.

I hope to elicit a reaction in the reader similar to those the Fey of the Light experience by showing them firsthand what the Reviled our child soldiers have suffered. Through this thought-provoking concept, I open the door to an unexpected and powerful conclusion.

The Cynthia Morgan Story By Pat Gillespie

Ayla was discovered at a very young age to have an especially rare combination of gifts: empathic telepathy, discernment, and the gift of healing. She was dedicated by her parents to become a Guardian of Childfey and spent her young years in the seclusion of the Temple where she studied magic and the ancient rites; where she was taught about the mortal enemy of all Fey of the Light, The Reviled; and where she attempted to learn how to protect herself from the emotions and thoughts of others, although never successfully.

So, first of all, I love the way this book deals with prejudice. Ayla, our central protagonist, has been taught all her life that the Dark Fey of Uglaarda are evil, bad, bad, good for nothing, ruffians without a spec of decency in them. Side-note, I realize that using the word "ruffians" makes me sound like a 17th century fop, but I'm sticking with it because I'm comfortable with my old-timey slanguage.

Needless to say, Ayla is wrong. But I'll avoid the juicy details because Spoilerville is not a town we want to visit on an Amazon page. What matters is the moral dilemma that arises when Ayla realizes that everything she's been taught is Well, wrong. It's a story full of emotion, intrigue, drama and a thought-provoking critique of religious zealotry. So, why are you still lurking on Amazon when you could be reading this amazing book instead? This is a beautifully written tale of a magical world of fairies, of light against dark.

Ayla has is a shy fairy with special powers, and when she is contacted by Gairynzvl, a fairy who was taken away by the Dark Fey when he was a child, she is understandably scared. But she is also drawn to him, sensing that he means her no harm, and is determined to help him leave the clutches of the Dark Fey. The author has created a mystical realm that draws the reader in, with powerful characters who do everything they can to help the Dark Fey return to them. This YA fantasy will appeal to people of all ages, and is a light, easy read that will enchant and delight.

A depth of Characters.

The Cynthia Morgan Story

Fast moving. Wow, is my first word. Cynthia A Morgan renders a beautiful story while the characters live and breathe as though they are right next to us. This story is well-worth the late night read, even with my busy day beginning at the crack of dawn. The fantasy tale grabs you from the first page and pulls you into the world of Fey.

Dark Fey and Fey of Light. The people we meet are gentle and honed in the arts of casting their thoughts while exercising compassion and friendship to all. AylaYna lives in the land of the Fey of Light and is educated by scholars because of the gifts she possessed at birth. She practices incantations and magic that Elders hide from other Fey.

Cynthia Morgan's music career

Later in life, she meets up with Mardan a male fey who promises friendship and more, should Ayla wish to receive this. I found the language the author uses does an excellent job with the tone, the voice and the phraseology that portrays how the Fey react, what they might say, and how they might express themselves. A must read for anyone who loves the fantasy genre. Quite tame, and superbly done, I know you will enjoy this novel. The tale starts with a young fairy named Ayla who possesses special talents. Her younger years were lonely as the Elders trained her in the Temple. She is now in her late teen years and has a friend while watching the young fey, the name for the young fairies.