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He later helped the mining company find the Big Bonanza, the discovery of which in represented the largest cache of gold and silver in U. Russell Sage was born into a poor family, but he used his financial skills to build a fortune. He initially owned a shop, then used the profits to try his hand at other ventures. He later moved to New York City, where he became a stock trader.

Some of his innovative trading methods — including using puts and calls — are still employed on Wall Street to this day. Born in Moscow in , Sergey Brin and his family immigrated to the States to escape the Soviet era discrimination against Jewish people.. He and Larry Page, a Stanford computer science student, created Google as a project. Their mission was to create an internet search engine that would rank the results according to what was most popular. Brin has been a billionaire since , when Google went public. Larry Page is the son of a computer scientist and a computer programming teacher.

Recently Page has been now personally funding a self-piloted flying taxi company, Kitty Hawk. Larry Ellison founded Oracle software company in Oracle is now the second largest software company in the world, ranked by revenue, according to Investopedia. The son of wealthy banker Thomas Mellon, Andrew Mellon eventually took over his bank.

The younger Mellon proved he had a keen eye for recognizing emerging technologies. He later served as a U. Ford was able to make cars efficiently and inexpensively after inventing the moving assembly line. By , nearly half of all cars on American roads were Fords.

A hardworking salesman, Marshall Field earned a fortune from his eponymous chain of department stores. He started a job at a Chicago mercantile house as a teen and worked his way up the store ranks to become a partner of the firm. While at Harvard, he created the social media juggernaut Facebook. Many 19th-century industrialists were notorious for their unscrupulous business practices and derisively called robber barons. Jay Gould may have been one of the most despised of this set because of his business practices. He reportedly issued fraudulent stock to buyers and bribed legislators to ensure that the sales went through.

He rolled much of his profit into purchasing part of the Union Pacific Railroad. Friedrich Weyerhaeuser left Germany at age 18 and began working at a sawmill in Illinois.

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After the economic downturn of , Weyerhaeuser bought the mill and expanded his empire. He purchased logging operations around the Mississippi River. In he set a record for engaging in the largest private land transaction, when he bought , acres in Washington. He created his company, Buffett Partnership, in and quickly became a millionaire.

Where do Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates rank among all-time richest Americans?

He then purchased a textile company called Berkshire Hathaway but ended its textile division and purchased varied assets. Shares of Berkshire Hathaway are now among the most coveted stocks on the market. Carnegie , John K. Winkler Carnegie, Andrew, Carnegie , Burton J. The Life of Andrew Carnegie. Hendrick and Daniel Henderson Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie, Louise Whitfield Carnegie , Alvin F. Harlow New York, NY: J. Messner, p. Carnegie , Andrew Carnegie The Empire of Business.

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Carnegie , Louis M. Hacker The World of Andrew Carnegie: Carnegie , Andrew Carnegie with a new foreword by Cecilia Tichi Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie , Joseph Frazier Wall Carnegie , Harold C. Livesay Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business.

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New York, NY: Longman, p. Carnegie , Peter Krass Carnegie , Quentin R. Skrabec Jr. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, p. Carnegie , Raymond Lamont-Brown Carnegie: The Richest Man in the World. Carnegie , David Nasaw Based on materials not available to any previous biographer - how Carnegie made his early fortune, what prompted him to give it all away, cultural and political context of his life. Duke , Robert F.

margun.savviihq.com/como-conocer-gente-de-letonia.php Durden The Dukes of Durham, Duke family; Duke Endowment. Du Pont , John K Winkler The Du Pont Dynasty. Du Pont family; E. Du Pont - July 19, E. DuPont breaks ground for new company , William H. Carr The du Ponts of Delaware. Du pont family; E.

Who were the Richest Tycoons in America?

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New York, NY: C. Scribner's Sons, p. Frick, Henry Clay, Frick , Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr. Frick , Kenneth Warren Frick , Martha Frick, Symington Sanger Black Titan: A. Gaston and the Making of a Black American Millionaire. Gaston, A.

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