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For most enterprise startups, discovering which segment of the market to focus on is no trivial feat. Early on in the journey, the hunt is for product-market fit with happy customers, regardless of what segment of the market they fall into. Often times those early customers are smaller businesses that have an easy buying process and shorter time to close.

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Today, researchers are identifying particular gene sequences that can make an animal inconspicuous. But even now, one of the best ways to appreciate evolution is to notice how well camouflage tricks your own eye. Continue or Give a Gift.

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Photos Submit to Our Contest. Rather than passively consuming moving images from ubiquitous media one must work out and engage. ButIn order to generate sufficient electric power and to activate the projection, participants need to cooperate and become team players. The purpose of the piece is to encourage , strangers into team players encouraging casual encounters and playful interaction among passers-by strangers, while raising thought provoking questions about the nature of public space, our health, and energy consumption.

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